Nothing but heart offers for your wedding day:
One main video of a total duration of 35 minutes (+-10)
plus, if you so wish, a short trailer, running at 3-5 minutes.
Please find examples of the latter below.

 Nikolas and Katerina had a most subtly splendid wedding day
amidst the company of only the best of friends.

A random spin of a toy globe was all it took for Seun and Titi to travel all the way from Nigeria and join their fates in Santorini.


When I met Gabriel, a volunteer fireman by trade, he told me that, together with Monika, they were (quite literally) building a house together, to eventually move in after their wedding.
Even as I was shooting on their wedding day,  I just couldn’t get The Cinematic Orchestra’s To Build a Home out of my head.

All in all, a wildly emotional and breathtakingly beautiful wedding on the banks of lake Attersee in Austria, with the added bonus of visiting Gustav Klimt’s gorgeous summer house for the after-shoot.


A truly festive wedding where the whole village (of Chranoi) was invited to celebrate the love of its two high school sweethearts.


People from all around the globe gathered in Sifnos to celebrate the marriage of Georgina and Santiago, one of the most in-love couples I have ever come across.


Walking through downtown Athens was never so much fun with this extra classy couple!


Filming Approach
We spend the whole of your wedding day by your side, discretely filming anything that takes place with a documentary-style approach, without interfering. We focus on the details and on capturing the fleeting moments that will shape your future memories.

The editing in both videos is ‘tight’, with, by and large, fast cuts. The background music plays a dominant role by setting the pace while the lyrics (if any) guide the narrative, as illustrated in the above trailers.

Natural sound is available in the main video, albeit in selected instances. The music tracks are either selected by us, or by the newlyweds, or from a combination of the two, i.e. the couple suggests any number of tracks and we choose the rest accordingly, always with respect to the footage itself.

Feel free to contact us at for any further questions.